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Jai Jordyn is the definition of a GOAL-GETTER. When she sets her mind to something she wants to accomplish, she gets it done with the utmost poise + finesse. This mentality is what pushed her to begin her fitness journey. While preparing for a 15k run she noticed that she enjoyed the escape and freedom that fitness brought her. After meeting this initial goal, Jai realized that she fell back into the same mentality looking for her next goal to accomplish. She decided to set a new goal and began working toward a half-marathon. Jai began to not only prepare her body physically, but her mind mentally to accomplish this massive goal and discovered through mental preparation that there was a clear difference between goals and habits. Recognizing that habits become a part of you and help with the mental, physical, and spiritual preparedness that fitness provides has become this phenomenal woman’s driving force. Her determination to turn fitness into a habit was solidified through the words of Angela Manuel Davis who said “the purpose behind fitness is for you to be in the best shape possible to fulfill YOUR purpose.” This new mindset is everything Jai Jordan stands for. She now is standing strong encouraging others to be the best they can be physically, mentally, and spiritually. TOGETHER we can and will step into our powerful purpose.

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